Caudwell Children

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Service summary

Caudwell Children's vision is a world where all children's needs are met throughout childhood; where disabled children and their families have the right to choice, opportunity, dignity and understanding.

We are passionate about improving the health of children and ensuring every family has access to the equipment, services and treatments they require.

Non-condition specific, we have supported children with over 500 different medical conditions and help children up until their 19th birthday.

We recognise that childhood is a critical and vulnerable stage when health inequalities can have effects that last throughout life. We are there at every step of this new, challenging and often lonely journey; from birth, or diagnosis, in an emergency, or at a time of crisis.

Focused on supporting those families that need our help the most, applicants are means tested and must have a gross household income of less than £45,000 to be eligible.

Client groups

Children with a disability or a medical condition up to their 19th birthday.

Service details

The Seven Core Services provided by Caudwell Children are:
Family Support Services - Supporting every step of the journey
•Support services for families in the home or in the hospital providing practical and emotional support at times of crisis
•Short break activities allowing children to make new friends and learn new skills while giving parents vital respite
Equipment Services - Enabling extraordinary children to live ordinary lives
•Mobility equipment including bespoke multi-purpose wheelchairs and therapy cycles as well as specialised car seats and mobility buggies
•Sensory equipment for Autistic children to help promote communication, cognition and well being
Treatment Services - Changing Children's Futures
•Providing access to treatments which may not be available in the UK
•Treatments include proton therapy for childhood cancers and Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery to help children with spastic diplegia to walk again
STEP Programme - Support & Therapy Enabling Progress
•Life changing individual therapy programmes The therapy programmes, development and rehabilitation programmes for children with brain injuries
•Parent/carer training to ensure the effects of the therapy and treatment programmes are maximised
Children with brain injury have difficulty controlling muscles and movement as they grow and develop. They can also suffer with associated problems relating to their vision, hearing, learning and behaviour.
How we help:
•Individual Therapy Programmes
•Development & rehabilitation programmes
•Parent/Carer training
The therapy programmes we provide help children to reach their individual potential by increasing their mobility and independence.
ACT - Unlocking Children's Lives
•Providing a programme of innovative therapies, education dietary and nutritional intervention aimed at unlocking the lives of children with Autism
•Parent/carer training to ensure the effects of treatment and therapy programmes are maximised
ABA Therapy, Auditory Integration Training, Therapy at Advance, Dietary & Nutritional Intervention
A.C.T aims to unlock the lives of children living with Autism by helping to increase their communication, independence and social interaction, relieving stress within the family unit and providing improved opportunities for each child.
Enable Sport - Giving children a sporting chance
•Providing specialised disability sports equipment to enable disabled children to participate in competitive sport
•Building confidence, the ability to train and compete as well as increased health and well being
Destination Dreams - Giving children a chance to live a dream
•Fully supported group holiday to Florida providing precious memories for terminally ill children and their families
•The only charity funding the whole family including carers and providing a team of paediatric physicians and volunteers to ensure all the needs of the family are met
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Main address

Innovation Way
Keele Science & Innovation Park

Main telephone

0845 300 1348

Organisation email