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Service summary

As one of Scotland’s leading interpretation and translation services, Linguistics offers face-to-face interpreting, telephone interpreting, document translation, interpreter training and more.
Our interpreters and translators have the skills and experience to work with you in a wide range of settings from courts and industrial tribunals to business meetings and medical appointments.
The aim of Linguistics is to help break down any barriers which may exist between English speakers and non-English speakers.

We have contributed to a culturally diverse Scotland for more than 30 years, serving clients in the public and private sectors.

Linguistics is part of the Scottish Translation, Interpretation and Communication Forum (STICF) and conforms to a strict set of standards which ensure all customers are provided with the best quality service by trained and qualified staff.

Client groups

Service details

The interpreters are fluent in over 70 languages with customers from within Glasgow City Council and its partners consisting of Social Work Services (70%), Education Services (20%) and local authorities and charities (10%).
Each year linguistics receive around 20,000 requests for interpreting that are successfully managed to ensure the service is always provided when it’s required.
Linguistics has access to 150 interpreters who are supplemented by a team including a language assessor, linguistic administrators and a coordinator.

Further information

Opening times

Service is available 7 days a week through appointments


Services can be arranged through appointment system


The cost of an appointment would be calculated based on the specific requirements of the service user.

The page was last updated on 2 June 2021

Main address

Blair Court,
100 Borron Street
G4 9XE

Main telephone

0141 276 6850

Organisation email

Contact telephone

0141 276 6850

Contact email