Cordia Reablement

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Service summary

Reablement is a service that provides tailored support to people in their own home, it builds confidence and helps service users regain skills to live as independently and safely as possible.

Client groups

  • Older people
  • Adults- physical incapacity
  • Adults-mental health

Service details

The reablement service aims to maximise independence, allowing people to remain at home safely and for longer, preventing admission to hospital and optimising the quality of life for individual. The service provides tailored support for service users in their own home for up to six weeks.
Dedicated teams work with individuals and carers to agree a plan for the period of reablement and provide support to create an individualised plan.
Every referral into homecare service is screened for reablement potential. There are approximately 800 referrals per four week period into homecare in Glasgow.

Further information

The reablement service was established in 2011 with a major review and service development in 2013. Since then it has successfully supported around 40% of service users to leave the service requiring no further home care support. The 60% that do require ongoing support have gained more confidence and independence that their care packages are often reduced to reflect their need- typically by nearly 20%

Opening times

7 days a week

The page was last updated on 9 October 2018

Main address

Blair Court,
100 Borron Street
G4 9XE

Main telephone

0141 353 9292

Organisation email

Contact telephone

0141 353 9292

Contact email