The Good Morning Service

Free Telephone Befriending and Alert Service

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Service summary

Get Connected, Feel Safer, Valued and Reassured with our Light-touch Support.

Good Morning Service provides free telephone befriending and alert calls to older people, aged 60+.

Every morning, 365 days a year, Telephone Befrienders call out to members at a pre-arranged time to check that all is well and for a good blether. Members can choose to get a Good Morning Call once, up to 7 days, a week. 

Telephone Befrienders take an active interest in people and over time hope to become a "good friend on the phone", someone to share a laugh with or simply be there to listen and give emotional support in difficult times.

If our Good Morning Call goes unanswered and the person can't be located we will alert nominated contact persons (usually a friend or their next of kin) or the emergency services to a potential health problem.

Help will be sent - 365 days a year.


Older people are, and feel, connected to the Good Morning Community and in turn, connected to their wider community.

"They're my community because I don't get out too often. The staff let us know about things happening, things no-one else thinks to tell me about. And they care about you. I can speak to them about things I can't tell anyone else.They're so easy to talk to, so caring." Elizabeth, 74 years

"My life has inevitably slowed down, but Good Morning has helped me feel re-connected to life as it used to be. My children live abroad, old friends are mostly no longer alive and so I find that Good Morning has opened up a lovely new world for me."  Dorothy, 86 years

Older people are, and feel, safer knowing that potential health problems will be alerted to if they fail to answer their pre-arranged Good Morning Call.

"It gives reassurance that someone will be in touch every morning to check I'm ok. I'm happy to live on my own because of it." Margaret, 89 years

"My call boosts me up and makes me want to get ready and go out even if it's just a wee walk round the shops. I've made a lot of new friends to blether to and it's a great feeling to go to bed and know if I took ill during the night you are always there to help – it's security."
Nancy, 76 years

Older people are, and feel, valued because trusting relationships are built. Befrienders know clients very well, are considered friends while some call Befrienders their family.

"Sometimes you don't want to say to your family how you feel, but you can always tell Good Morning. I can depend on that phone call every day and feel safer knowing that someone is always there." Ella, 85 years

"I'm not too well in the morning but when the phone rings and they say 'hello', it is a better tonic right away than all the tablets I swallow." Ann, 86 years

Supplementary services:

• Additional Good Night Calls in Winter.
• Monthly social outings, our Get Togethers, visiting interesting places.
• Pass on warnings of bogus callers/ rogue traders from Police Scotland.
• Connect people into their local communities.
• Monthly newsletter packed with info, poems, quiz and recipes.

To join or to refer someone to the Good Morning Service please:

- Call Laura, Befriending Manager, on 0141 336 7766

Client groups

Older people aged 60+ and their Carers.

Service details


Calling members regularly, at a pre-arranged time, Good Morning Service Befrienders build a trusting relationship which helps us to monitor the well-being of our members. By being interested in people: their lives, values, beliefs - what makes them them - Good Morning Service Befrienders become a “friend on the phone” - there to offer support. This helps build resilience for coping with difficult and challenging events associated with advancing age such as the the deterioration of physical health or the loss of friends and family.  

"The best thing is that when the phone rings you are right in contact with a friend. You feel a special person." Helen, 83 years

"The call gives me a lift and they always listen to my moans on a down day. I feel like I'm not forgotten about." Ann, 77 years

The alert function kicks into action when someone fails to answer their Good Morning Call. The Service will try to locate them by checking health appointments and any agency/ service which visits the home that day. If a member cannot be found and their safety verified then Telephone Befrienders will alert a nominated contact person or Police Scotland.  

"Living in my own home means a lot to me, Good Morning helps give me that choice as I know they're looking out for me. It's like having an extended family. The mornings are the loneliest part of the day, as I am a very early riser, so I look forward to that call." Annie, 80 years

Further information

Good Morning Project Ltd.Company registration number Sc221598. Charity registration number Sc031960. 'Good Morning' and associated logo are registered trademarks.

Opening times

Operates 365 days a year making outbound Good Morning Calls from 08.00am to 12.00noon.
Good Night Calls are made from 17.00 to 20.00pm. 

Area served

Glasgow City, South Ayrshire

The page was last updated on 27 November 2014

Main address

Flemington House
110 Flemington Street
G21 4BF

Main telephone

0141 336 7766

Organisation email



Andy Wright : Office Manager

Contact telephone

0141 336 7766

Contact email

info @ (no spaces)


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