Contract Management Framework

Glasgow City Council's Social Work revised Contract Management Framework (CMF) was initially launched in 2012. The CMF details the approach taken to effectively manage purchased care and support services across client groups. The CMF outlines the responsibilities of commissioning and contract management staff, care managers and providers in carrying out continuous evaluation of purchased service performance and quality.

A review of the CMF was undertaken in 2014, taking into account changes within Social Work Services as a department, changes within the wider social care environment, and recommendations from Glasgow City Council's Internal Audit team. The revised CMF was implemented in early 2015 featuring amendments to the processes and paperwork to reduce the burden on commissioning teams and service providers and to better enable contract management activity to be reflected.

The new CMF ensures that the Council makes best use of available resources, without increasing the reporting requirements on service providers. The needs of service users are at the centre of the process, which informs Social Work Services future planning and commissioning activity.

The key principles of the new CMF are that it:

  • Allows us to focus limited resources where they are most needed
  • Helps identify areas of risk
  • Collects, records and maintains consistent and relevant information
  • Provides a degree of autonomy to Contract Managers
  • Focuses on service user outcomes
  • Is a system of good practice and communication

A CMF Overview document is available outlining the stages of the new process, and copies of the new Contract Management Documents are available below.

For more information, or to provide feedback on the Contract Management Framework, contact