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Provider Service Return (PSR)

All contracted Providers will be sent an email reminding them to complete their Provider Service Return (PSR) at the end of each reporting period. Providers can also access the latest PSR via the link below. To let us know of any changes to the contact details for your service, please email the Contract Management Team.

The reporting periods are as follows:


Reporting Months

Reporting Window Opens 

1st Period

1 April to 30 September


2nd Period (Annual) 

1 October to 31 March


Click on the link below to complete the PSR


Guidance / documents to help complete the PSR?

Guidance material on completing the survey is available in the document Provider Service Return (PSR) Guidance.

Please follow the link to see an template of the Provider Service Return.

Please note, this document is for information only. Provider Service Returns need to be completed using live link provided during the PSR submission period.

If you require any assistance with completing your Provider Service Return (PSR) and your question is not answered in the Provider Service Return (PSR) Guidance please email the Contract Management Team.
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