Submission of Additional Cost Incurred During COVID-19 Pandemic

As part of this commitment we agreed that services could continue to invoice as per your current arrangements during this period. This will allow you, with agreement from your link officer, to divert staff and resources to where they are most needed and will have maximum impact. In circumstances where prior agreement has not been possible you should make contact with your Commissioning link officer as soon as possible.

We have asked that detailed records are kept to support financial reconciliation post COVID 19, this should include information about agreement sought and received as part of this. Commissioning staff will similarly gather information on changes to service, vacancies staffing issues, and any opportunities to create service capacity with the resources available.

The following guidance has been drafted, in line with COSLA guidance, to support and recognise that during the current COVID-19 Pandemic the volume of service delivery commissioned may vary to that which is actually provided. This may be due to reduced staffing, prioritising of services or service users not needing visits/ requesting that their service be suspended. In some cases staff have been redirected to provide alternative forms of support when e.g. a day centre has closed and been replaced by a home support service. It is also recognised that additional costs may be incurred as a result of the Pandemic and that the HSCP will consider the reimbursement of those costs which are over and above what would normally be expected (e.g. PPE or use of agency staff).  Consideration will also be given to areas where costs have been reduced as a result of reductions in other areas of service delivery, and these will be off-set.

A new online form for claims from 1st July and updated guidance from 1st November 2021:

Link to Form and Guidance Note
Provider Sustainability Rules and Impact Form (e-form for claims from 1st July 2021)
COVID-19 Guidance Note - Sustainability Rules and Impact Form