Carer's Allowance Supplement

Carers – make sure you get the money that you are entitled to

The Scottish Government has introduced a new benefit – Carer’s Allowance Supplement.

This is extra money on top of Carer’s Allowance from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in recognition of the contribution of carers.

Carer's Allowance Supplement is an extra payment for people in Scotland who get Carer's Allowance on a particular date.

Carer's Allowance Supplement is paid 2 times a year.

The next 2 rounds of payments are:

  • £226.20 in June 2019 - you'll get this payment if you're getting Carer's Allowance on 15 April 2019
  • £226.20 in December 2019 - you'll get this payment if you're getting Carer's Allowance on 14 October 2019

The exact dates of the June and December payments will be confirmed later this year. If you're due to get a payment, you'll get a letter from Social Security Scotland before the payment is made.

If you have not had a letter and a payment, Social Security Scotland are keen to hear from you so that they can make sure that you get this money that you are entitled to. The fastest way to notify Social Security Scotland is by freephone 0800 182 2222.

You can give your details to Social Security Scotland who will work with the DWP to investigate and process your payment.

For information on Carer’s Allowance Supplement please visit

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