Unpaid carers provide care and support to family members, friends and neighbours. The people they care for may be affected by disability, physical or mental ill-health, frailty or substance issues.

Anybody can become a carer at any time in their life and sometimes for more than one person at a time. Carers can be any age from young children to very elderly people. A carer does not need to be living with the person they care for.

Unpaid carers may not yet see themselves as a carer or associate with the term ‘carer’. They see themselves as a daughter, brother, mother, friend or neighbour. Carers are all of these but don’t always ask for the help they’re entitled to. If you care, who cares for you?

On this page, you will find a variety of information and supports available if you're a carer in Glasgow. We hope the below resources are of use to carers and those who work in health and social care.