Funeral arrangements

A funeral can only take place once a death has been registered. Before contacting a funeral director or confirming any arrangements, check if there is a will which might have information on the person’s wishes (for example, whether they wanted to be buried or cremated). You do not need to use a funeral director and you may wish to make some of the arrangements yourself. The Natural Death Centre can provide support and advice on this. If you are not sure of the person’s wishes, you may wish to speak with friends or relatives or the funeral director who can help with suggestions.

Finding a funeral director

Planning a funeral can be difficult but it is worth getting more than one quote to compare prices and services. You should not feel pressured. A reputable funeral director will understand why you are doing this.

Most funeral directors have codes of practice. Most are also are members of one of the following:

If you would like to discuss a direct cremation, you can contact Caledonia Cremations (Scotland’s first not-for-profit funeral directors). A direct cremation is one where there is no service at the crematorium. The family or next of kin can plan and prepare their own memorial service at a place and time of their choosing.

You can also find a list of funeral directors in the phone book.

Funeral directors have experience in organising different types of funeral. They can help plan the funeral, provide support and guidance and liaise with a range of organisations. More information is available on's 'what to do first' page.

It may also be that the person who has died had already planned and paid for their funeral.