People to notify

When a person dies, there will be a time when it is important to let other people and organisations know.

Some services will ask you to send a copy of the full death certificate when you are advising of a death. Full copies are available for a fee from Glasgow Registrars Office. This is not a complete list but may help you get started:

  • you can register with the Tell us Once service which means you can report the death only once and many government services will be notified

By using the Tell Us Once Service you can notify the local council, Council Housing, Housing Benefit, Council Tax, Blue Badge, HMRC, Department of Work and Pensions, Passport Office and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and any Public Sector and Armed Forces Pensions Schemes to update pension records.

  • the person’s Bank, Building Society or Insurance companies
  • their landlord or housing provider if they were in rented accommodation
  • any utility providers such as water, gas and electricity, mobile phone or landline suppliers
  • the post office so that the person’s mail can be re-directed to the person responsible for the estate
  • you can also add to the Bereavement Register which will stop any unwanted post or junk mail by visiting this site
  • their employer or Trade Union
  • the family GP, dentist, optician, hospital or clinics the person was attending - any medications should be returned to a community pharmacy
  • any home care services the person may have received
  • education Services - if the child or young person attended school or college
  • the library and other places/clubs/associations the person may have been a member of to cancel memberships
  • Passport Agency – passports can be returned with the top right hand corner cut off, see here for more information
  • you may also wish to consider closing any social media accounts the person may have had