Viewing the body

After a person has died, their body will be taken to the hospital mortuary. Once a death certificate has been issued, the body can be released to the family or next of kin. If a person has died at home and the GP has been able to issue a death certificate, you can arrange for a funeral director to collect the body from the home.

Visiting the funeral home

It will be a personal decision to make when deciding whether you would wish to view the body of the person who has died. There is no right or wrong answer. Some people would rather remember the person as they were when they were alive. For others, it might help them to understand what has happened and be a chance to say goodbye. You might like to speak with the funeral director to ask what to expect at a viewing to help you make a decision.

If you have been asked to make an identification

The Police may need to ask family members to identify the body of a person who has died. This will be upsetting, but you will be guided by the Police who will answer any questions you might have and support you through the process.

Contact details

You can contact the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Mortuary: