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Children and young people

Services for children, young people and their families in Glasgow are designed to provide the right supports at the time when they are needed by families in line with the national strategy Getting it Right for Every Child.

Family Nurses and Health Visitors are available to support parents from the outset of their family lives and are the first point of contact for anyone seeking advice or support with their babies and toddlers.

We are committed to ensuring that children and young people stay at home with their families, and within their own communities, where it is safe to do so. We want to help families and find, with them, the best solutions to support them. We have a well-developed family support strategy and a number of partner organisations based within local communities that can provide additional support to children, young people and their families if needed.

There are many organisations and services that children, young people and their families can get help from without the need for a children and families social work service. More information about these services can be found on the below webpages.

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