Family support

Our Health and Social Care Partnership and partners are committed to working in partnership with you and your family to deliver support and help at the right time to help you flourish. We are committed to hearing your voice, respecting you and helping you by ensuring appropriate supports are in place for you when you need them

We want to do all we can to help families stay together, providing hope and future opportunity. We know that family life can be a challenge as well as a joy and recognise that your family’s needs may change over time.

Find out about what organisations are present in your community that offer family support and advice by visiting the Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector website.

The HSCP provides a range of supports to children and their families to help them thrive. These include:

If you need it, we want to ensure that you get support as soon as you need it by directing you to those services that can help. There are a range of community-based supports that you may find helpful to overcome some of the challenges you may face and we have provided links and contact details of these services.

Sometimes, families do require help from Social Work Services, and we understand that this can make you feel anxious. You may have referred yourself for support or it may be that other services who are working with you and the children you care for have recognised that you need additional support and have referred you to Social Work Services to help you with this. If Social Work Services receive a referral about any child they have a legal duty to assess that child and their family’s need. We would want to reassure you that we will do all we can to help by listening to you, setting shared goals and outcomes and work in partnership with you to achieve these. This may mean that your family will have a Social Worker who works alongside you for a period of time or at other times they will help signpost you to other supports that you may find more helpful.

Social Work would plan to work with you for the shortest time possible and aim to help you connect with other supports that may be helpful for you in the long term. We recognise that families have in-depth knowledge and understanding of their own circumstances and have many strengths and we would want to help you build on these so that you and your family no longer need this additional support. In some circumstances and with your permission we may help you connect with your wider family network to see if they are able to help you when you need it.

We recognise that support comes in many forms and there are a range of local and national voluntary organisations that can offer help when you need it. These organisations are also well placed to support you with some of the pressures you may be experiencing. Sometimes Social Work will help you to engage with these supports.