Kinship care

Glasgow City HSCP believes that if children aren't able to live with their birth parents, care within their wider family and community circle will be the first choice for the child when this is possible.

The findings of the Independent Care Review highlight the trauma involved in removing a child from their family and the negative impact this can have on the child, the family and the community.

When parents cannot look after their children, kinship care allows children to be cared for by people with whom they already have supportive and loving relationships, keeping links to their friends, extended family, schools and communities.

If the local authority places a child with a kinship carer, an assessment of the child and carer’s needs will be undertaken. This will highlight any additional practical or therapeutic supports that are needed. Efforts will be made to access these supports and to review them throughout the period of time the child is living with the carer to ensure the child is brought up in a loving, stable and, if relevant, permanent home.