Drugs and Alcohol

What Services are available?

Glasgow Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services offer open access to all and therefore receive referrals from a wide range of services but also welcome self-referrals, either through drop in or by telephone. They provide a range of care and treatment options for people living in Glasgow affected by drugs and/or alcohol. These services include:

  • Alcohol support and treatment, including community detoxification and protective medications
  • Drug support and treatment, including opiate replacement therapy
  • Support with a range of social issues
  • Support to young people affected by alcohol and/or drug issues
  • Support and treatment services to parents affected by alcohol and/or drug problems
  • Support and treatment services to those involved in offending and affected by alcohol and/or drug problems
  • Harm reduction advice and interventions
  • Needle replacement
  • Blood Bourne Virus testing and treatment
  • Access to alcohol and drug Tier 4 services – psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy and hospital services (specialist in-patient, outpatient and day services)
  • Access to residential rehabilitation services
  • Access to Drug Crisis Centre and Link up
  • Access to community Recovery Hubs
  • Signposting to a range of support services and recovery communities

How do I get a service?

By contacting your local Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service. If the service is for your own addiction issues then an assessment of need will be carried out. You can also get help from:

What do I do if I need help urgently?

If you have a life threatening emergency then call 999.

If you just need help with your addiction then within office hours, you can contact your local Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service. where you will be given an urgent appointment.

Outwith office hours if the service is open, we will try to accommodate you. If we cannot and you have a drug problem, please phone Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre on: 0141 420 6969.

If you have an alcohol problem, please contact your own GP or out of hours service. You can also access information and advice from Drinkline on: 0800 917 8282 or Glasgow and Partners Emergency Social Work Service on: 0300 343 1505.

You can also contact NHS 24 on: 08454 242424.