Housing associations and co-ops

Anyone who is 16 or over in Scotland can apply for social housing. In Glasgow, there is no council housing. All the social housing in Glasgow is provided by housing associations and a small number of housing co-operatives (co-op's) who run in a very similar way. You may sometimes hear housing associations and housing co-operatives referred to as 'registered social landlords'. This is because they are all regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

When you apply for housing, your needs will be assessed in line with the housing association's allocations policy. Each policy will have a legal requirements to give priority to certain groups. This includes people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness and those who are poorly housed (this covers a wide range of circumstances).

It's not a question of 'serving your time' on a housing list. You may have been given a high degree of priority. This could mean you are made an offer of housing sooner than other people who applied before you but whose circumstances aren't as much of a priority as yours.

With some associations, you will be registered on their 'choice based letting system'. This means you will be invited to apply for homes when they are advertised. Depending on your circumstances, you will be placed in a particular category of priority. The higher the degree of priority for your category, the more likely you are to be successful when you bid for a home.

If you are not sure what housing associations operate in your preferred area, ask at an advice centre (such as a Citizens Advice Bureau) or, if you have access to the internet, just google 'housing associations in my area'.

You can also find a list of Housing associations and co-ops in Glasgow.