Work is an important aspect of life which can help you to reach your full potential and improve your quality of life. There are a number of different types of jobs and employment opportunities available throughout Glasgow for people of any age and ability. Some people may find looking for a job daunting or difficult; however there are a number of support networks which can help you with this process:

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  • Agencies who canassist people with a learning disability prepare for workor provide voluntary placements
  • Glasgow Supported Employment Service is specifically designed to help people with learning disabilities to find employment. The service has coaches who will meet with you and help you to gain work experience by supporting you through application processes after discussing with you what kind of work you are interested in and would like to do. This service is available to people aged over 16 years who live in Glasgow
  • Jobs and Business Glasgow works along with people to help them to improve their skills and find employment. Their aim is to improve regeneration within the city by helping to meet the recruitment needs of different businesses and by helping people to become more employable.