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Health Services

In order to stay healthy, it is important that you are aware of how to access different healthservices within your area.

NHS24 is a telephone and internet service provided by the NHS. The NHS24 website provides up-to-date information and self-care advice. There are questionnaires that can help you to identify ways to look after yourself if you are feeling unwell and there is a local services directory so that you can easily access information about health services in your area.

NHS Inform is a website created by the NHS to provide general public information about health conditions and health services. The website features a Health A-Z which provides information about illnesses, tests, treatments, operations and different health services. There are answers to Commonly Asked Questions and a directory of local health information services. NHS Inform also has an Alcohol Zone where you can test whether you are drinking more than is healthy and can learn about alcohol misuse, drink spiking and organisations that offer support to people with an alcohol addiction.

Glasgow City Council has Social Work Service health teams working in the city to provide support to people in hospital.

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