Direct Payment for care

Direct Payment for care

Direct payments for care are a different way of fulfilling existing care responsibilities.

A direct payment is money paid by the local authority directly to a person who has been assessed as needing care services. The local authority makes the payment instead of arranging services. You can use the payment to purchase the relevant services. In practice, recipients often employ their own Personal Assistants. Also, support or services can be purchased through agencies. The key benefit is that direct payments increase the amount of choice, control and flexibility disabled people have over the way they live their lives.
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You can use direct payments instead of community care services. This right excludes long-term residential care, but includes

• short breaks / respite care
• home or personal care
• day activities
• assistance to leave residential care
• housing support

You will be responsible for ensuring that the money is spent properly on the necessary services to meet your assessed needs and that the appropriate safeguards are in place. Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL) can provide support to people receiving direct payments. GCIL is a user-led organisation with experience of helping disabled people manage their own independent living packages.

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