Tomorrow's Residential and Daycare

Glasgow City Council Social Work Services is building five new care homes and four new day care centres as part of a commitment to delivering high quality services for older people. The new homes will be built around plans that help residents make the most of how they live and socialise. The designs of the homes and day care centres are based on what service users and staff have told us they want and also what we need to do to protect, promote independence and deliver positive outcomes for older people in our care.

Residential Care Homes

Each care home will have 120 en suite bedrooms that are larger in size than the minimum requirements for care homes and have been designed to meet the specific needs of older people in residential homes.Safety, comfort and style have been considered throughout in order to make sure people feel secure and at home in their surroundings.image of bedroom from tomorrow's care home

Each care home will have 8 units. Each unit will have 15 bedrooms which will feature:

    • An electronic adjustable bed
    • A bed side table and a dressing table / desk and chair
    • A lockable safe for valuable
    • A fridge
    • 32" TV with Freeview as standard
    • Private phone and a computer line
    • Electronic door locking system
    • Underfloor heating that can be controlled within the room and a night light on dimmer switch

image of bedroom from tomorrow's care home

The en suite toilets are designed around older people's personal care needs and the needs of staff who care for and support them. Features include:

  • Twin doors for easy access and dual assist
  • Wheelchair accessible shower spaces with fold down padded shower seat and quick drain shower trays
  • Storage areas for staff equipment, healthcare and residents
  • WC with fold down handrails
  • Night light on dimmer switch

image of Garden area in Hawthorn House

Other features within each care home will include

  • A fully equipped guest room should loved ones need family close by
  • Dining Room and Lounge
  • Garden and outdoor space
  • A wide and varied programme of social activities and events determined by residents.

Day Care

image of en-suite from tomorrow's care homeEach day care centre will be a secure environment with a number of areas where people can relax and socialise including:

  • Dining Room
  • Activity Room including dementia friendly activities
  • Treatment Room and Hairdressing salon
  • Secure garden area with raised beds for gardening


There are also a number of features throughout that are designed to protect people’s health and wellbeing, including:

  • A two-way conversation call system
  • Dementia-friendly environment
  • Easy-clean, wipe-down surfaces and sealed gaps and edges for improved hygiene

Further Information

The following link will give you more information and images on Tomorrow's Residential and Daycare Services.