Living with Dementia

Dementia can affect the whole life of the person who has it, as well as their family. If you have been diagnosed with dementia, or you are caring for someone with the condition, remember that there is advice and support available to help you live well.

There are lots of things you can do that will help you to live as well as possible. To help you cope with memory problems you could try using a large diary, and perhaps keeping it next to a calendar clock. Also try keeping important items, such as keys or glasses, together in the same place.

Try to make your home safer. Remove things that are easy to trip over and install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. You could also get automatic timers for plugs, lights and heating.

Try to stay active and social: it can help you retain skills and memory, as well as improve your self-esteem, sleep and wellbeing. Wherever possible, keep doing what you enjoy, even if you have to do it a little differently.

A diagnosis of dementia can come as a shock. Even if you have been half expecting it, this will be a worrying and upsetting time. It can also be hard for those close to you. You will all need a great deal of reassurance and support. However, there is much that you can do in the early stages that can help to make life easier and more enjoyable, both now and in the future.

Many people are happier if they can remain independent and in their own homes as long as possible.

To achieve this, it may be necessary to make some adaptions to their homes or to use new equipment and/or assistive technology that has been designed to enable people with dementia to remain independent for longer or make it easier for others to give support.