Home from Hospital

Many people require short-term care and support when being discharged from hospital. There are a number of services available which can offer assistance with domestic tasks and personal care, as well as Emotional Support, to help you readjust to living at home.

image of older person and man

Home Care services provide assistance with domestic tasks and personal care. You can receive help with food preparation, laundry, washing and form filling in order to help you build confidence and maintain your independence. Enhanced Home Care services are also available to those who need more intensive or more specialised care.

Meals at Home services provide regular, pre-prepared healthy meals which are delivered to you at home. These services are simple to use and can be helpful to those who do not have the means or ability to prepare their own food at home.

Occupational Therapists can assist with personal care, domestic tasks, budgeting and access to community resources and public transport. Occupational Therapists look to find ways to help you to live your life independently and can provide adaptations and equipment which allow you to do so.

In addition to these services, there are other support networks which can help you to readjust to living at home. Information is available on Reablement, Carersadaptations and Telecare, which can be important factors in meeting your needs upon returning home from hospital. Information is also available on Health and Wellbeing, such as how to eat healthily and get regular exercise. All of these elements can assist you to live a healthy and independent life for as long as possible.