Intermediate Care (72 Hour Discharge)

What is Intermediate care?

No-one wants to stay in hospital any longer than they need to. A long delay can even lead to losing vital life skills, independence or mobility.

So, intermediate care is for patients who need a short term step between hospital and home after they’ve had hospital treatment. It provides short term support for people who are well enough to leave hospital but need extra support before they can return home

Intermediate care settings are places that patients stay for a short time while they undergo assessment, rehabilitation and/or reablement. You may have previously heard them being called ‘step up’ or ‘step down’ care

Going through intermediate care usually involves moving into a specially set aside short term bed in one of Glasgow’s care homes for a period of up to four weeks, so that the team who work in the intermediate unit can assess what care you need. These units are designed to feel more like being at home rather than being in hospital.

Intermediate care is a free assessment service for older people, for as long as the assessment takes. Usually, we expect the assessment to take no longer than four weeks.

Costs and charges

The assessment period while you are in intermediate care will usually last no longer than four weeks and there is no charge for this service.

However, if you stay on in the intermediate care unit after your assessment period is complete, you will be charged a weekly fee. You can find out more about the charges in our leaflet called ‘financial implications of admission to a care home’ The leaflet also tells you about what financial help may be available to help you with paying the charges.

The following two leaflets can provide you with more information: