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Care homes

A care home is a place where people can live and have their care needs met by trained staff in homely surroundings. 

A care home may be the answer for you if your care and support needs cannot be met at home or in supported housing. An assessment of your care needs is an important step in deciding if you need a care home or whether there are other ways of meeting your needs at home through extra home support, equipment or home adaptations.

If all the options that might assist you to stay in your own home have been considered and a care home is still the best option to meet your assessed care needs, the next step might be to find a suitable care home.

Your local social work office can help you to find a care home whether or not you plan to fund your own place. They will be able to provide you with a list of care homes that are suitable for your assessed needs and may also assist you in arranging a trial visit to a care home that you are considering.

For more information on Care Homes check out our Coming into Care - Care Homes guide.

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