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Suicide Prevention Action Plan

The new action plan has been designed to continue the work from the 2013-2016 suicide prevention strategy and the strong downward trend in suicide rates in Scotland.

Why have Suicide Prevention Activities?

There were 680 suicides registered in Scotland in 2017, compared to 728 in 2016. These figures are based on the new coding rules introduced by the National Records of Scotland (NRS). 

The suicide rate for males remains at around 3 times the rate for females. In the same period within Glasgow there were 88 deaths by suicide. That means that roughly every 4 days somebody in Glasgow took their own life.

View the latest official statistics and key points on the Scottish Public Health Observatory website.

View the latest official statistics and key points on the National Records of Scotland website.

Latest Suicide Prevention Resources

"The Art of Conversation”: a guide to talking about suicide

Suicide Prevention Resources Directory - A list of organisations, contacts and websites, providing suicide prevention information. 

View the latest Choose Life posters

Suicide Prevention Activities

National Suicide Prevention Week - 

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership release a series of articles, briefings and celebrity tweets during National Suicide Prevention Week. Contact or the Communications Team for further information on the Partnership's involvement during the 2018 Event.

Support for those bereaved by suicide

After a suicide – information leaflet for those bereaved or affected by suicide.

Information Leaflet - After a Suicide

Funded by Choose Life, Scotland’s national strategy and action plan to prevent suicide, this leaflet offers help with the practical issues that need to be faced after a suicide, it talks about some of the emotions those affected might be experiencing and suggests some places where help is available.

Watch the "Still in Our Hearts" video - Thirteen Squared 

Have you lost someone to alcohol, drugs or suicide?  View information about the Bereavement & Blether Cafe  who welcomes people who may wish to share their experiences.