What help is available in a crisis?

Urgent help

Emergency – if you, or someone you know, need an immediate response call the emergency services on 999.*

Distressed - if you are experiencing distressing thoughts, or if people around you have expressed concern about your well being, arrange an appointment with your GP or call NHS 24 on 111 to access the NHS 24 Mental Health Hub. 

If you, or someone you know, is currently being seen by someone from a community mental health team and require urgent attention, please contact the Out of Hours Team by the number you will have been provided with.

Support - if you just need to talk with someone, then the following organisations are here to help:

*Please note: if you go to an Accident and Emergency Department because of worries about how you are feeling or what you are experiencing, they may arrange for a Mental Health Assessment Unit to assess your difficulties if needed.

Accident and Emergency is a busy and stressful place, and you may have to wait a long time. It can be quicker to phone NHS 24 on 111, as they can arrange for you to get the right help.

Which organisations will help with suicide prevention?

Other organisations that can support you if you are having suicidal thoughts, have been bereaved by suicide or are concerned about someone include:

A more comprehensive list of organisations that can provide suicide prevention advice is available on the Support Services page.