Equipment and housing adaptations

A home environment can be enabling but can sometimes have barriers to living independently. Occupational Therapy and the wider Health and Social Care team can assist you in identifying the best housing solutions that might help overcome these barriers. This may include rehabilitation options and advice on new techniques that may support you to manage.

When your health and social care needs change, you will be able to access support to help with your needs, however it is also very important to think about your home environment and the impact that it will have on your health and wellbeing, and whether your home is likely to be suitable for you in the longer term. The ‘Housing Solutions’ approach is about helping you to have conversations with staff who can help you explore the range of options and opportunities that may be available to you. The right home environment can help you do more of the things that you want to do. It is important that you start these conversations at an early stage before your needs significantly change, so that you can have plenty time to think about what may be best for you, the potential alternatives and different housing solutions to consider, and plan for those changes.

If you would like more information on solutions to suitable housing, we've produced a leaflet looking at useful services that can assist you in exploring your housing options: Do you Want to Move or Stay leaflet.

If you would like advice on equipment and other solutions, AskSARA is an online tool that provides you with a personalised report to tell you about things that you might find useful in your daily life. By answering a few questions about your needs, AskSARA can suggest equipment or ideas that could help you.

Further information on adaptations and equipment is available on the website:

The Scottish Government has produced a guide titled Funding Adaptations to your Home: A Guide for Homeowners which gives information and advice about the help available from local councils with the cost of adapting your home.

We have produced a Guide to Adaptations and Equipment, which you may find helpful.